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Mogadishu doctors volunteer time and money to treat the poor in IDP camps


(ERGO) – Families from IDP camps in Mogadishu are being treated for free by a group of 10local medical practitioners, who formed a group to visit people’s homes in IDP camps across the city.

Abdulkadir Sheikh Hassan, the chairperson of the volunteers, said they have been treating 200 people a month by offering free check-ups and treatment for malaria, gastritis, syphilis, worms, and other diseases and ailments.

The team conducts medical camps twice a month in different part of the city. Last week, the group known as Saha-Dowr, visited Dayah centre, Awballe, Rahm andAflah camps, in Kahda, Garasbalay and Wadow districts of Mogadishu.

Hassan said the group surveys each camp to inform people they are coming and identify patients in urgent need of medical treatment. Members of the group contribute funds to support the camps and sometimes get medical supplies from Wehliye and Doha hospitals in Mogadishu.

“We are ready to use our manpower and knowledge. Some people help us with drugs. We then see how many patients we can help based on the amount of medicine we have,” Hassan explained.

MalekaNunow Abshir’s five-year-old son was very sick but she had no money to take him to hospital. Last week, the boy was diagnosed with syphilis and treated by the volunteer group.

“We used to get medicine given out by Muslim groups. This child has been sick for two months but now at last he has been treated,” said Maleka, a mother of five, who fled Bay region in June after her village was hit by drought.

Khadija Abdi Mohamed, who lives in a camp in Kadha district, was treated by the group after she complained about chest pain. She said she was feeling better after two days of medication provided.


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