Baidoa families go hungry as Coronavirus shrinks labour market

(ERGO) – Mohamed Abdi Ibrahim, a 37-year-old father of five, has been evicted from three […]

Somali herders and families left stranded by Shabelle river floods

(ERGO) – Pastoralists and their livestock have been cut off by river floods in southern […]

Solar streetlights boost business in Somali coastal town of Hobyo

(ERGO) – Yasin Mohamed Elmi, a father of seven, has seen his income rise since […]

Galkayo IDPs lack food and water, despite being given their own houses

(ERGO) – Nasteho Awil Abdullahi, a displaced mother of six, thought that moving into her […]

Somali families up to their waists in water in flooded homes in Afgoye

(ERGO) – Sahra Omar Mohamed has been living crammed in to a neighbour’s house with […]

Somali pastoralist, aged 72, lives his dream of getting an education

(ERGO) – Abdirahman Mahamud Mohamed, 72, was the oldest student to sit for the primary […]

Refugee ice-cream businesses frozen by lockdown in Dadaab camps

(ERGO) – Abdimajid Jama Sanharir, owner of Sokeeye Ice Cream, one of three ice cream […]

Water woes befall families in Somali coastal town in Mudug

(ERGO) – Residents in Elhur, 70 km north of Harardher city in Mudug region, are […]

Rain brings tragedy to IDP family in Mogadishu camp

(ERGO) – Heavy rain in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu caused death and destruction in some of […]

Somali youth need more relevant skills to get jobs, experts say

(ERGO) – Abdullahi Mohamed Dhaqane, 32, graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in computer […]

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