Radio Ergo listeners’ feedback report, 30 Dec 2020 – 6 Jan 2021

The largest number of calls to the Radio Ergo platform this week (30 December 2020 […]

Radio Ergo, feedback report 23-29 December 2020

he devastation being caused by locusts remained the main concern of listeners across the country […]

Radio Ergo audience feedback report, 16-22 December 2020

(ERGO) – The most common concern among callers to Radio Ergo’s independent platform this week […]

Double jeopardy for locust-hit Somali farmers in Luq

(ERGO) – Around 21 small farms in a village in Luq district in southern Somalia’s Gedo […]

Somali mothers face suffering in district without a single health facility

(ERGO) – Shamso Farah Mohamed, a mother of seven and pregnant, is anxious about her next […]

New high school gives opportunity to rural children in central Somalia

(ERGO) – Students finishing intermediary education in Dhabad, 40 km from Abudwaq town in central Somalia’s […]

New ministry job for Somali albino car-washer

(ERGO) – Hassan Bakar Bile, 25, an albino living in a displacement camp in the southern […]

Radio Ergo, audience feedback report 9-15 December 2020

(ERGO) – The threat from locusts to farms and grazing continued to be the subject […]

Market fire in Somali refugee camp affects hundreds of families

(ERGO) – Abdirishid Mohamed Abdi, a Somali refugee and businessman, sits dejectedly beside his stall displaying […]

Radio Ergo, audience feedback 2-8 December 2020

Callers this week (2-8 December 2020) to Radio Ergo’s independent feedback platform were mostly concerned […]

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