Business opportunities fading for entrepreneurial Somali refugees in Dadaab

(ERGO) – Nur Tawane, a 34-year-old entrepreneur, has literally brought light into the lives of […]

Somali mother graduates in law alongside daughter and son-in-law

(ERGO) – A 49-year-old mother of five has graduated from a university in Somaliland alongside […]

Somali women make good catch from fried fish sales in Kismayo

(ERGO) – Fatuma Magan Abdi has managed to connect her house with electricity, open a […]

New homes bring new prospects for displaced families in Galkayo

(ERGO) – Kayf Mohamed Farah moved into a new two-bedroom house just outside Galkayo in […]

Network outage prevents drought-hit families in southern Somalia’s Elwak from buying food

(ERGO) – Dozens of families have been fleeing their homes in drought-hit villages in southern […]

Mogadishu doctors volunteer time and money to treat the poor in IDP camps

(ERGO) – Families from IDP camps in Mogadishu are being treated for free by a […]

Small town in Abudwaq can’t cope with arrival of scores of drought-stricken families

(ERGO) – Five hundred families fleeing severe drought in central Somalia’s northern Galgadud region have […]

Dadaab refugee businesswomen keeping Somali culture alive

(ERGO) – A group of 50 Somali women refugees producing traditional handicrafts in the Dadaab […]

Families left in the cold as houses in Kismayo housing project collapse

(ERGO) – At least 47 people have been homeless after their houses in a donor-funded […]

Newly qualified doctors in Jowhar run free clinic for displaced pastoralists on outskirts of town

(ERGO) – Residents of Jowar-bile suburb in the southern Somali town of Jowhar have been […]

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