New ministry job for Somali albino car-washer

(ERGO) – Hassan Bakar Bile, 25, an albino living in a displacement camp in the southern […]

Market fire in Somali refugee camp affects hundreds of families

(ERGO) – Abdirishid Mohamed Abdi, a Somali refugee and businessman, sits dejectedly beside his stall displaying […]

Local centre helps Somali IDP women take back their lives after rape and other abuses

(ERGO) – Women living in displacement camps in Mogadishu’ Deynile district have been turning to a […]

Somali townsfolk getting IDP food aid in Burao

(ERGO) – A number of local families in the town of Burao in Somaliland are benefiting […]

Somali IDPs warm to ice factory jobs in coastal Kismayo

(ERGO) – Small business opportunities created by an ice-making plant are improving the lives of […]

Small farmers flee to Somali IDP camp after floods wipe out their harvests

(ERGO) – Fadumo Warsame Roble, a mother of 10, packed children and belongings onto a […]

Displaced again – Somali IDPs hit by cyclone Gati in Puntland

(ERGO) – Halima Sheikh Beddel, 50, and her family of five had to remain behind […]

Somali families driven off their land by desert locusts

Hassan Hashi Beyle, an agro-pastoralist in central Somalia’s Guriel district, packed his seven youngest children […]

Cold and scared – IDP women sleep in the open after rain destroys huts

(ERGO) – Hawo Mohamed Abukar and her six children are forced to huddle together under […]

No roof in the rain is worse than hunger, says Somali IDP mother in Gedo

(ERGO) – Ibrahim Barrow Samow and his 12-member family are sleeping exposed to the elements […]

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