IDPs in Dollow build new lives through hard work

(ERGO) – Lakay Sheikh Abdirahman, 43-year-old mother of nine, is the proud owner of a […]

Daily indignity for families without toilets in Mogadishu IDP camps

(ERGO) – The worst of the innumerable hardships facing 60-year-old grandmother Salado Mohamed Hirabe, who […]

Farming families displaced by river floods left abandoned in Bardere

(ERGO) – Around 900 families who were displaced by the flooding of the river Juba […]

Somali volunteer spirit shines strong in Baidoa

To mark this year’s World Humanitarian Day on 19 August, Radio Ergo profiled three volunteer […]

From barber to business owner, a Somali refugee success story in Dadaab

(ERGO) – Nu’man Jama Hirad, a 29-year-old refugee in Hagardhera camp in Dadaab, supports his […]

Baidoa families go hungry as Coronavirus shrinks labour market

(ERGO) – Mohamed Abdi Ibrahim, a 37-year-old father of five, has been evicted from three […]

Somali families up to their waists in water in flooded homes in Afgoye

(ERGO) – Sahra Omar Mohamed has been living crammed in to a neighbour’s house with […]

Rain brings tragedy to IDP family in Mogadishu camp

(ERGO) – Heavy rain in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu caused death and destruction in some of […]

Solar lights up homes and businesses in Kismayo

(ERGO) – Gedow Osman Hussein, a father of seven, has doubled his workload in his […]

Tailors sew free Corona masks for Somali refugees in Dadaab

(ERGO) – Trained Somali tailors in Dadaab are using their skills at the sewing machine […]

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