Baidoa families go hungry as Coronavirus shrinks labour market

(ERGO) – Mohamed Abdi Ibrahim, a 37-year-old father of five, has been evicted from three […]

Galkayo IDPs lack food and water, despite being given their own houses

(ERGO) – Nasteho Awil Abdullahi, a displaced mother of six, thought that moving into her […]

Refugee ice-cream businesses frozen by lockdown in Dadaab camps

(ERGO) – Abdimajid Jama Sanharir, owner of Sokeeye Ice Cream, one of three ice cream […]

Lifting up trade for Mogadishu women fruit sellers

(ERGO) – Fadumo Haji Ma’allin, a widowed mother of 14, has been doing a roaring […]

Salt mines offer new livelihoods to former Somali pastoralists in Gedo

(ERGO) – Mining salt is a far cry from herding livestock, but for former pastoralist […]

Galkayo fresh fruit sellers go out of business as floods halt supplies from southern regions

(ERGO) – The price of vegetables has shot up in Galkayo, the main town in […]

Somaliland farmers lose everything to new plague of locusts

(ERGO) – Farmers in Awdal and Salal regions of Somaliland are seeing their crops and […]

Somali mother gives birth on a bus fleeing warzone for deserted IDP camp in Mogadishu

(ERGO) – Young Somali mother, Jijo Sheikh Abdalla, gave birth to her second child in […]

Women joining the fishing industry in Warsheikh, Somalia

(ERGO) – With 30 years fishing experience, Qali Sahal Mire, 45, has been at the […]

Somali families fleeing conflict between Al-Shabab and residents in Galmudug sleeping under trees and in school

(ERGO) – Single mother Hawo Osman Abdi and her nine children have been sleeping outside […]

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