Somali mothers face suffering in district without a single health facility

(ERGO) – Shamso Farah Mohamed, a mother of seven and pregnant, is anxious about her next […]

Somali doctors worried by rise of COVID19 in southern Beled-hawo district

(ERGO) – Doctors in the southern Somali border town of Beled-hawo are concerned about rising numbers […]

Somalis living with HIV/AIDS lose jobs due to Coronavirus

(ERGO) – Ismahan (not her real name), a single mother living with HIV/AIDS in Somaliland, […]

Somali schoolgirl’s Corona fears at school without precautions

Schools in Puntland and in other parts of Somalia reopened August and September following a […]

COVID19 cases rise among Somali media in Puntland

(ERGO) – Eight reporters working for public and private media houses in Puntland state of […]

Humble clinic gives Guriel villagers a welcome health service near home

(ERGO) – Fadumo Osman gave birth a week ago at the new village clinic in […]

Volunteer medics provide safe deliveries for rural Somali mums in Middle Shabelle

(ERGO) – Pregnant women from remote areas are able to deliver their babies safely these […]

Young Somali doctor shares her story of treating COVID19 patients in Mogadishu hospital and falling sick herself

(ERGO) – Hamdi Abdirahman Ahmed has spoken about her experiences as a doctor treating Coronavirus […]

Somali traders in Dollow apply Coronavirus measures in the market

(ERGO) – Market traders in Dollow district in southern Somalia’s Gedo region have put in […]

Sick and tired – Somali villagers in Kismayo walk miles after closure of mobile health service

(ERGO) – The shutdown of mobile health services has left rural communities in remote areas […]

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