Somaliland nurse debunks harmful traditional beliefs around health

(ERGO) – Samsam Jama, a nurse working in Somaliland’s Edna Hospital and Hargeisa General Hospital, […]

COVID19 cases among Somali prisoners in Beledweyne cause concern

(ERGO) – Five inmates in Beledweyne central prison in Somalia’s Hiran region were confirmed to […]

HIV/AIDS stigma makes Somali widow in Kismayo an outcast

(ERGO) – Halima (not her real name) has been living with HIV/AIDS for the past […]

No masks, gloves or oxygen in Mogadishu hospital, says grieving husband who lost pregnant wife to COVID19

(ERGO) – Mohamed Abdi Afi, a resident of the Somali capital Mogadishu, has started a […]

Somaliland street children reunited with families and back in school

(ERGO) – Zeynab Osman Ahmed was reunited with her 14-year-old-son Ahmed Arab Ahmed this month […]

Fewer Somali girls in Adado being subjected to the full cut

(ERGO) – A local women’s group in central Somalia says it has seen a decrease […]

Somali school in Luq sets strict standards to contain Coronavirus

(ERGO) – A school in the southwestern Somali town of Luq has put in place […]

Somali mothers face suffering in district without a single health facility

(ERGO) – Shamso Farah Mohamed, a mother of seven and pregnant, is anxious about her next […]

Somali doctors worried by rise of COVID19 in southern Beled-hawo district

(ERGO) – Doctors in the southern Somali border town of Beled-hawo are concerned about rising numbers […]

Somalis living with HIV/AIDS lose jobs due to Coronavirus

(ERGO) – Ismahan (not her real name), a single mother living with HIV/AIDS in Somaliland, […]

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