Sick and tired – Somali villagers in Kismayo walk miles after closure of mobile health service

(ERGO) – The shutdown of mobile health services has left rural communities in remote areas […]

Livestock herders spread Coronavirus messages in rural Somalia

(ERGO) – Abdisalam Ahmed Jama, a livestock herder in the rural Ballidhig area of northern […]

‘Radio Sheikh’ – an Islamic perspective on Coronavirus

(ERGO) – Sheikh Abdulhayi Aden Sheikh Hassan, a popular Islamic scholar, is giving short broadcasts […]

Volunteer spirit captures health workers in Somaliland in mass anti-CV19 campaign

(ERGO) – The first sixteen health workers have been trained in Somaliland out of hundreds […]

Solar lights in remote Puntland town enable clinic to stay open

(ERGO) – The maternal and child health clinic (MCH) in Wardher-bari, 30 km from Armo, […]

CV19 warnings about social distancing fall on deaf ears in Galkayo

(ERGO) – People in Somalia’s central city of Galkayo don’t appear to have woken up […]

Youth spread CV19 awareness in Somali border town of Belet Hawo

(ERGO) – A youth group called Midnimo (meaning unity in Somali) have started a public […]

CV19 hand sanitizer made locally by Puntland university team

(ERGO) – A team of scientists at Puntland State University (PSU) School of Medicine have […]

Few choices for Somalia’s disabled amid corona virus fears

(ERGO) – Ali Abdi Iman, a severely disabled 60-year-old father of seven children, does not […]

Free maternity services at Lasanod hospital to help vulnerable women in Somaliland

(ERGO) – Fatuma Mohamed had her first experience of a hospital delivery this month when […]

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