New livestock market in central Somalia boosts trade

(ERGO) – A new goat market in the central Somali town of Guriel has improved […]

Somali pastoralists invest in wire fencing for animals to avoid cutting trees

(ERGO) – Pastoralists in the northern Somali region of Sool have started using wire fencing […]

River Shabelle floods blight Hiran farming families’ harvests three times in a row

(ERGO) – Mohamed Abddullahi Wayel, a father of nine, has just seen the family’s four-hectare […]

Somali herders and families left stranded by Shabelle river floods

(ERGO) – Pastoralists and their livestock have been cut off by river floods in southern […]

Galmudug pastoralists getting desperate as livestock sales stagnate

(ERGO) – Osman Mahamud Gedi, father of seven, has been back and forth to the […]

Locusts and failed rains bring double losses to Amaara farmers in central Somalia

(ERGO) – Nuuro Mohamed Hussein, 55, is worried about how she will manage to meet […]

Voracious locusts drive Somali farmers away in Dalyare, Lasanod

(ERGO) – Abdirahman Mohamed, a farmer in Dalyare in northern Somalia’s Sool region, watched helplessly […]

Cattle die from preventable disease as ‘stubborn’ Somali herders refuse to pay for vaccines

(ERGO) – Mahad Abdullahi Ashkir, a cattle herder living on the outskirts of Balanballe in the […]

New water dams allow Somaliland pastoralists to stay put in their villages

(ERGO) – Worries about finding water for his livestock and his family are not bothering […]

Somali herders in Puntland produce animal fodder to boost drought-resilience

(ERGO) Agro-pastoralists in the Somali state of Puntland have begun using machines to produce animal […]

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