Lifting up trade for Mogadishu women fruit sellers

(ERGO) – Fadumo Haji Ma’allin, a widowed mother of 14, has been doing a roaring […]

Salt mines offer new livelihoods to former Somali pastoralists in Gedo

(ERGO) – Mining salt is a far cry from herding livestock, but for former pastoralist […]

Locusts spoil open water sources in central Somalia’s Adado district

(ERGO) – Abshir Osman Mohamed and his family have depended up to now on getting […]

Puntland media in trouble as Coronavirus eats into economy

(ERGO) – Local radio stations in the central Somali city of Galkayo have been shedding […]

Reduced-charcoal stoves save poor Kismayo families money and save the trees

(ERGO) – Shamso Ahmed Abdi, who heads a family of 14, has been saving money […]

Corona travel ban leads to Mogadishu business closures

(ERGO) – Salah Hassan Jidhan, owner of Qaran Travel Agency in Mogadishu, has not sold […]

Women milk sellers’ businesses in central Somalia boosted by solar fridges

(ERGO) – Sahra Mohamed has been selling milk in central Somalia’s Adado district for 13 […]

Cash bail outs by local bank for flood-hit businesswomen in Qardho, Puntland

(ERGO) – Deqo Isse Ali, a mother of five, has been able to reopen her […]

New water dams allow Somaliland pastoralists to stay put in their villages

(ERGO) – Worries about finding water for his livestock and his family are not bothering […]

Somali IDPs in Mogadishu camps go hungry as Coronavirus destroys casual labour market

(ERGO) – Addey Ali Axmed, a resident of Bulo-qaran camp in Mogadishu’s Hawl-wadag district, used […]

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