Mogadishu streets full of pitfalls for the disabled

(ERGO) – Dalmar Addow Maalin, who is blind, has to travel 10 kilometres a day crossing […]

Slump in Somali shilling hits low income families

Low income families in the town of Lasanod in Somaliland’s Sool region are unable to […]

Solar streetlighting energises central Somali town

(ERGO) – Small business owners in the central Somali town of Huurshe, 78 kms from […]

Somaliland literacy drive targets women

(ERGO) – Safi Mohamed Jama, a middle-aged mother and a cleaner at Somaliland’s finance ministry, […]

Somali youth group lift Beletweyn’s desperate from poverty trap

(ERGO) – Kaaho Hassan Mohamed, a disabled mother, lives with her disabled husband and their […]

Galmudug pastoralists eager to become literate to manage their mobile phones

(ERGO) – “I’m learning at this age because I want to be able to use […]

Somaliland women determined to run for office despite the hurdles

(ERGO)- Women in Somaliland say they are determined to contest in the parliamentary elections due […]

Cash bailout for Somaliland farmers hit by locusts

(ERGO) – Mahamud Ismail Jama used to be able to support his family of 10 […]

High performing students in Jowhar get free university education

(ERGO) – Hiba Mohamed Abdullahi graduated with the highest mark at Sheikh Hussein Aden High […]

Trafficked Somali children ending up in Puntland

(ERGO) – Authorities in the Somali state of Puntland say they have seized 324 trafficked […]

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