About Radio Ergo

Radio Ergo is on air every day across Somalia and the Somali-speaking region with original humanitarian news and information in Somali. The programming is based on local reporting gathered by our unique network of correspondents and material prepared by Radio Ergo’s staff producers.

Our dual focus is on amplifying the voices of ordinary Somalis enabling better communication with the wider international humanitarian community, and providing Somali audiences with the critical information they require to make better informed choices on issues affecting their lives. Radio Ergo programming covers themes including health, education, protection, agriculture and livestock, gender, youth and employment, environmental protection, culture and governance.

We work with NGOs, agencies and other partners on the development of effective messaging and programming content, although Radio Ergo remains editorially independent.

Listeners can hear Radio Ergo on shortwave at 3-4pm local EAT (1200-1300 GMT). Shortwave transmission is a key element of our strategy, as large audiences in the rural and remote areas of Somalia are not served by local FM radio and therefore get their news and information through shortwave radio.

The daily Radio Ergo programmes are also rebroadcast by a network of local partner FM stations in Somalia.

The word “ergo” in Somali means mediators or envoys in the interest of people in need. It is therefore a word that carries significance and resonance.

Radio Ergo is run by international NGO, International Media Support (IMS), based in Copenhagen.

Currently, Radio Ergo is funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) through a sub-grant from USAID-OFDA, and the Common Humanitarian Fund for Somalia (CHF).

Please get in touch at info@radioergo.org