Floods in Somali Region lead to fears of food shortages

(ERGO) – Abdiqani Ibrahim Said and his family of seven have been sleeping rough up […]

Storms and flooding displace villagers in Gunagado, Somali Region

(ERGO) – Rainstorms and flooding caused destruction of property and displacement of families in Gunagado […]

Livestock die as central Somali herders liken water crisis to 2017 drought

(ERGO) – Bashir Osman Mohamed has lost 60 of his 100 goats in less than […]

Somali families beg for water by the roadside in Lasanod

(ERGO) – Mohamud Farah Elmi has been spending four to five hours at the roadside […]

Nugal pastoralists move and move again in search of water and pasture

(ERGO) – Mohamed Ismail Hirad reached Dangoronyo in Nugal region in search of pasture for […]

Long, hungry walk to IDP camp for families fleeing water and food shortages in Gedo

(ERGO) – Maryan Ubow Osman walked for two days with her five children, aged between […]

Salt caves dry up leaving dispossessed Somali herders jobless

(ERGO) – Abdulqadir Mohamed Isaq, 36, a salt miner in Usbo, 40 km north of […]

IDPs in Ethiopia’s Somali region suffering due to COVID19 impact

(ERGO) – A thousand students living in one of the largest internal displacement camps in […]

Blind, elderly and displaced couple begging for food in Abudwaq

(ERGO) – Fadumo Mohamed Gelle and her husband Ali Hussein, both blind, elderly, and displaced, […]

Somali fishermen hit by cyclone Gati re-equipped to go back to sea

(ERGO) – Fishermen in the coastal town of Hafun, in north-eastern Bari region of Somalia, […]

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