River Shabelle runs dry at Jowhar

The river Shabelle has completely dried up in some parts of Jowhar, leaving a wide […]

Baidoa city residents and IDPs hit by water crisis

Water scarcity in the southern Somali city of Baidoa has become critical over the past […]

Severe water and food shortages affecting herders in Somaliland’s Awdal region

The Somaliland drought response committee has reported a severe water shortage and food scarcity critically […]

Northern Somali regions lost 80 per cent of vegetation in 30 years, say local researchers

An environmental study carried out by Somali researchers has found that vegetation in parts of […]

Rain leaves IDPs homeless in Abudwaq

Heavy rain has left around 450 displaced families homeless in Abudwaq district, Galgadud region. The […]

From herding to fishing – tough transition for Mudug’s destitute pastoralists

Three hundred pastoralist families migrating away from drought-hit villages in rural parts of southern Mudug […]

Qoryoley farms destroyed by rains

Heavy rains in Qoryoley over the past 10 days coupled with the river Shabelle bursting […]

Diarhoea outbreak in Wanlaweyn

Three people have died in a diarhoeal infection outbreak in Wanlaweyn in Lower Shabelle region […]

Floods wash away food reserves of hundreds of families

Floods resulting from heavy rains in Burhakaba district have washed away many of the underground […]

Floods put Bardhere women out of work

Farmers in Bardhere market, especially women vegetable traders, are in despair after widespread flooding ruined […]