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Women’s handicrafts support IDP families in Mogadishu to eat three meals a day

(ERGO) – Fadumo Abdulkadir Hassan, an internally displaced mother of nine, is proud to be […]

Poor IDP families in Bosaso rack up loans to use pay toilets

(ERGO) – Rukia Mohamed Sheikh, a Somali mother of eight living in the northern coastal […]

Salt caves dry up leaving dispossessed Somali herders jobless

(ERGO) – Abdulqadir Mohamed Isaq, 36, a salt miner in Usbo, 40 km north of […]

Pregnant IDP women in Beled Hawo lose their babies lugging water from river

(ERGO) – Willo Mustaf Hassan suffered a miscarriage five months into her last pregnancy when […]

IDPs in Ethiopia’s Somali region suffering due to COVID19 impact

(ERGO) – A thousand students living in one of the largest internal displacement camps in […]

Blind, elderly and displaced couple begging for food in Abudwaq

(ERGO) – Fadumo Mohamed Gelle and her husband Ali Hussein, both blind, elderly, and displaced, […]

Destitute IDP families in Mogadishu get a roof over their heads

(ERGO) – Naimo Aidurus Jama was so happy to have a firm roof over her […]

Somali IDP women in Beletweyne set up businesses to educate their children

(ERGO) – Maryan Qassim Nur, a single mother of nine children, is planning to enroll […]

IDPs in Somali capital homeless again after demolition of camp

(ERGO) – More than 100 displaced families have been left homeless after their camp in […]

Beletweyn flood victims desperate for water

(ERGO) – Salado Tubbo Ali was glad to receive a package of food items distributed […]

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