Deaths and injuries as torrential rains hit Hargeisa

Dad nadiifinaayo goob uu roob Hargeysa ka da'ay burburiyay/Ilyaas Cabdi/Ergo

(ERGO) – Marodijeh governor, Ahmed Jam’a, told Radio Ergo that heavy rains caused the deaths of three people and injured 18 others on Tuesday 27 August.

The three died when a concrete electricity pole fell onto a wall causing it to collapse on top of them, near Amana boarding school on the west side of Hargeisa.

The governor said 67 buildings were damaged, with rooves blown off. Sahan mental health clinic suffered severe damage and five people were injured there.

Passengers were stranded on both sides of Awbarqadle stream after the road linking Berbera and Hargeisa towns was cut off by flooding.

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