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Somaliland woman fighting for children’s rights

(ERGO) – Lul Hassan Matan has faced hostility, harassment, and detention in her lifelong struggle […]

Burao reservoir owner shares water with stricken Somaliland pastoralists

(ERGO) – Abdilaahi Ali Hassan, an agro-pastoralist in Somaliland, supplies free water to pastoralist communities […]

Deaths on the road to Mogadishu as the sick in Wanleweyn have no hospital

Ismahan Hassan Ahmed’s brother, Abdifitah, died last week at the family home in southern Somalia’s […]

Women take off in business with microcredit scheme by local bank in Mogadishu

(ERGO) – Katibo Abdikadir Sheik Ali runs a thriving business transporting mangoes, pawpaw, and watermelons […]

Two central Somalia hospitals facing closure due to funding crisis

(ERGO) – Two hospitals in the central Somali region of Galgadud are on the brink […]

Water trucking saves desperate families in Galmudug villages

(ERGO) – Drought-hit families in remote parts of Galgadud region have welcomed an emergency water […]

Displaced and disabled –how families struggle for a dignified existence in IDP camps in Somalia

(ERGO) – Bedridden and poor, 55–year–old Ahmed Farah Gedi embodies the hardships faced by disabled […]

Access to loans helps Somali women in Ethiopia to break out of poverty cycle

(ERGO) – Getting access to a loan has enabled widowed mother, Fowzia Jama’a Haybe, to […]

Enterprising young Somali refugees in Dadaab take up photography as a career

(ERGO) – Ibrahim Mohamed Mukhtar, 28, is running a thriving photography business in northeastern Kenya’s […]

Somali women in Jubbaland demand equal access to state lawmaker seats

(ERGO) – Fadumo Moalim Ali, 27, is one of the 24 women candidates competing in […]