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Deaths and injuries as torrential rains hit Hargeisa

(ERGO) – Marodijeh governor, Ahmed Jam’a, told Radio Ergo that heavy rains caused the deaths […]

Female domestic workers from Mogadishu IDP camps suffer rape by city employers

(ERGO) – Radio Ergo’s IDP Camp series this week looks at the threat of rape […]

Deaths on the road to Mogadishu as the sick in Wanleweyn have no hospital

Ismahan Hassan Ahmed’s brother, Abdifitah, died last week at the family home in southern Somalia’s […]

Women take off in business with microcredit scheme by local bank in Mogadishu

(ERGO) – Katibo Abdikadir Sheik Ali runs a thriving business transporting mangoes, pawpaw, and watermelons […]

No meat or milk for dejected Somali pastoralist IDPs in Sanag

(ERGO) – In our series on Somalia’s IDP camps, Radio Ergo’s reporter in Sanag spoke […]

Somali high school students devote holidays to teaching literacy to pastoralists in Mudug

(ERGO) – High school students and teachers from a school in central Somalia’s Mudug region […]

Two central Somalia hospitals facing closure due to funding crisis

(ERGO) – Two hospitals in the central Somali region of Galgadud are on the brink […]