Tailors sew free Corona masks for Somali refugees in Dadaab

(ERGO) – Trained Somali tailors in Dadaab are using their skills at the sewing machine […]

Somali refugee mothers walk for work in Dadaab

(ERGO) – Hawo Ali Yarow, a Somali mother of 12, makes the long, dusty trek […]

Forgotten IDPs outside Galkayo run out of water

(ERGO) – Drought-displaced families living in a camp outside Galkayo, in Somalia’s Puntland state, have […]

School closures in Dadaab refugee camps leave Somali teachers without pay

(ERGO) – Around 500 teachers at private schools in the Somali refugee camps in Dadaab […]

Wheels stop turning in Dadaab refugee camps’ local transport sector

(ERGO) – Ahmed Ali Hassan and 50 other drivers who normally ply the routes between […]

Somali youth group reaches out to Beletweyn flood victims

(ERGO) – Young volunteers in southern Somalia’s flood-hit Beletweyn town have been doing their best […]

Do not evict Somali IDPs in the pandemic, agencies warn landlords

(ERGO) – Any forced evictions of internally displaced persons in Mogadishu or other parts of […]