University doctors in Kismayo conduct free medical camp for poor families

University doctors in Kismayo conduct free medical camp for poor families/Ahmed Abdi/Ergo

(ERGO) – University staff and students in Kismayo have treated hundreds of low income people at a free medical camp in three villages that lack access to health services.  

A team from Plasma University in Kismayo conducted free diagnosis and treatment for 540 people in the villages of Bulabartire, Istanbul, Khamkham and Yontoy. 

Shukri Abdullahi Abdi and her three children were among those treated by the medics in Istanbul village, 25 km from Kismayo, where there is no health post. 

Her three children who had been sick for three days were diagnosed with malaria and treated.  As she is pregnant, she underwent ante-natal check and received vitamins. 

I had no money to take my children to Kismayo for treatment, but I can say these are God-sent messengers, she said. 

Shukri’s family has only 30 goats left after losing 40 goats and 20 cows to drought in 2016.   

Hafido Ahmed Abdullahi, in Bulabartire village 20 km from Kismayo, took her son and two daughters to the camp for malaria and skin infection treatment. 

The children were treated and the girls were given antibacterial soap and ointment. They were scratching their skin and making wounds but now they are better, said Hafida.  She takes care of five children after divorcing two years ago, and earns a living from a small restaurant in the village. 

Dr Mohamed Hassan Nur, who headed the camp, said 200 people from the villages received malaria treatment.  They also created awareness on treatment for malaria, pneumonia and skin infections and distributed mosquito nets. 

The university carried out the exercise in coordination with Jubbaland health ministry.  

Dr Nur said the exercise would be conducted regularly due to the demands they witnessed among the community in the villages. 

The students raised $2,500 to run the free treatment camp and distributed 180 mosquito nets among the villagers, he explained. 

Jubbaland health ministry coordinator, Mohamed Sheikh Adan, praised the initiative.  

The doctors who work at the universities and their students can take part in the efforts to save lives. This could be one way to serve our people, he said. 

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