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Over 5,000 goats perish, scores of families displaced as drought ravages Mudug

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(ERGO) – Severe drought has forced dozens of families in central Somalia’s Mudug region to move away from their homes in search of water, after already losing thousands of goats.

Following the failure of both rainy seasons – the gu’ and deyr – last year, 50 reservoirs that were the main source of water for residents in and around Gosol village have dried up, leading to the deaths of livestock and displacement of families.

Abdikadir Jama Mohamed, the chief in Gosol village, told Radio Ergo that 5,270 goats have died due to lack of water.

The chief visited localities under his village in a two-week survey to establish the number of livestock that had died.

The areas affected by the severe water shortage are Mandi’iran, Waniqle, Kalaka’a, Bali-abes, Dadinka.

“We carried out the survey for days; we have been travelling through those villages looking for first-hand information and we met with the families,” the chief told Radio Ergo.

The chief said 28 families have fled their villages in the last two weeks. Most of them brought their remaining animals to Gosol, where people are getting water supplied from Harfo and Burtinle towns, both more than 20 km away.

Faduma Mohamed Hassan, a pastoralist, left Kalaka’awith her 10-member family after losing many goats last month when water resources in the village dried up.

She is supported by other families in the village who are buying water from commercial water tankers.

“Our only remaining 50 goats are now on the verge of death – their condition is worsening,”Faduma said.

Mohamed SaedYa’kub, who lives in a remote area between Bali-abes and Gosol, lost 240 goats last month.

He and his family are surviving on the little water provided by residents in the area.

“I cannot afford to buy water from tankers but I get support from the residents of this village though the amount of water is not sufficient,” Mohamed explained.

The chief of Gosol said they had done their best to raise the alarm to the higher authorities.

He said the village officials had discussed the issue with Puntland officials and met with Interior, Health and Environment ministry officials who pledged to intervene.

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