Aisha’s rapists caught by DNA: can science change Somali justice system?

A court ruling in Somalia this month that relied on DNA evidence to convict three […]

Long awaited rains in northern Somalia’s Burao lead to deaths of weakened goats

(ERGO) – Having waited long for the rains to come, Anab Ibrahim Yusuf was devastated […]

Somali pastoralists who lost their livestock find jobs on camel ranches in Lasanod

(ERGO) – Mohamoud Diriye, 25, used to herd his own livestock, but for the time […]

Water deliveries in Jubbaland help thirsty villagers

(ERGO) – The Jubbaland government supported by the UN children’s fund UNICEF has been delivering […]

INTERVIEW: Puntland state minister speaks on emergency relief efforts for drought

(ERGO) – Authorities in Puntland have issued an alarm over drought due to the continued […]

Dozens of Somali women abandoned by migrating husbands seek help through the courts

(ERGO) – Somali wives in the northern region of Sool have been going to court […]

Village in Sool takes a hard line on banning plastic bags

(ERGO) – A village in northern Somalia’s Sool region has banned the use and sale […]

Pastoralist youth in Dadaab set up brick-making business

(ERGO) – A team of young women and men living in Dadaab town in northeastern […]

Women lawyers say Puntland police do not handle rape cases effectively

(Ergo) – Somali female prosecutors and lawyers in Puntland have expressed concern over the handling […]

INTERVIEW: Kenyan Somali female leader pushes for childcare facilities in the workplace for breastfeeding mothers

(ERGO) – Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) in Kenya’s northeastern Mandera County have introduced […]

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