Widows of war: clan conflict takes its toll on Somali women and children

(ERGO) – Perennial clan clashes in Somalia have taken an enormous toll on the whole […]

Parents resort to home remedies as whooping cough spreads in Burao

(ERGO) – Over 40 cases of whooping cough (also known as pertussis) have been reported […]

Burtinle residents welcome clean piped water in the dry northern Somali town

(ERGO) – After many years of relying on scarce rainwater, residents of Burtinle town in […]

Clashes over water leave 800 families in crisis in Galgaduud

(Ergo) – Over 800 families displaced by clashes in Galgaduud region in central Somalia are […]

Education campaign bears fruit as pastoralists send children to school in Berbera

(Ergo) – When the brand new school built in Magalo-ad village, six km from the Somaliland […]

Life unbearable for 7,000 families cut off by floods in villages in Bala’ad

(ERGO) – Over 7,000 families in Bal’ad district have been left stranded after flooding of […]

New mobile app links Somaliland farmers to produce buyers and expert advice

(ERGO) – Technical entrepreneurs in Somaliland have launched a new mobile application to enable farmers […]

Stripped of the last coin by smugglers, affected families in Somaliland now reduced to beggars

(ERGO) – Anab Arab Jibril is one of a growing number of Somaliland parents suffering the financial […]

Children in Mudug village move from lessons under a tree to new classroom

(ERGO) – After four years of studying under a tree, pupils in a village in […]

Over 300 families displaced by clan clashes in central Somalia in dire need of food

(ERGO) – Over 300 families uprooted from their homes by clan clashes in Galgadud region […]

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