Top Somali refugee students from Dadaab win scholarships to Canada

(ERGO) – Maryan Mohamed Nur, 23, said goodbye to her family and friends in Dadaab’s […]

High cost of water adds burden to struggling pastoralists in remote part of northern Somalia’s Sanaag

(ERGO) – Villagers in Geed la-rifay, 40 km from Badhan in northern Somalia’s Sanaag region, […]

Somali Producer for Radio Ergo

Radio Ergo is a unique service providing daily humanitarian information to the Somali public disseminated […]

Somaliland farmers losing out to cheap food imported from Ethiopia

(ERGO) – Somaliland farmers are complaining that cheap imports of food from Ethiopia are driving […]

Somaliland cracks down on illegal tree cutting as charcoal traders say they have no alternative work

(ERGO) – Sixteen people found making charcoal to sell have been charged with illegally cutting […]

Somaliland welcomes families fleeing violence in Ethiopia’s Somali region

(ERGO) – Around 3,000 families fleeing violence in Ethiopia’s Somali region have crossed the border into […]

Schools, clinics, businesses reopen in El-Afweyne after nine months of strife in Sanag

Students in El-Afweyne have resumed their studies after their education was interrupted for nine months […]

Goats die of disease in Galmudug as vets say they lack vaccine

(ERGO) – An outbreak of smallpox has killed around 300 goats in the last three […]

Somali women divorce violent husbands addicted to chewing narcotic leaf Khat

(ERGO) – An upsurge in divorce cases being brought to court by Somali women against their […]