Volunteer students arrange free treatment for Mogadishu IDPs with severe medical conditions

(ERGO) – A group of university graduates in Mogadishu has been visiting IDP camps in […]

Creeping river floods in Hiran cause Somali families to move three times

(ERGO) – Around 1,400 families have been displaced from Buulo-Burte area in Hiran region after […]

People fleeing conflict in northern Somali town of Tukaraq fall prey to wild animals

(ERGO) – More than 1,000 families in Tukaraq have been forced to flee their homes, […]

Cyclone Sagar wreaks havoc in Awdal – did the warnings come too late?

(ERGO) – Forty three people are known to have died in the tropical storm that […]

Benadir fishermen go missing as locals blame illegal foreign trawlers

(ERGO) – Fadumo Nur Abdukadir, a 52 year mother, wakes up every morning and takes […]

People left homeless by rain and floods in Baadweyen, south Mudug

(ERGO) – Around 400 families are sleeping outside or under makeshift shelters on the outskirts […]

Somaliland livestock trade boosted by new export market in Oman

(ERGO) – Livestock dealers in Somaliland are expecting to export 50,000 goats during the month […]

Herders in Galgudud restock their animals with hopes of reviving their livelihoods

(ERGO) – Pastoralist families in Galgadud region who lost their livestock in the drought have […]

Rising malnutrition among displaced in remote Bali-mataan south of Hargeisa

(ERGO) – Children suffering from acute malnutrition are being brought to hospitals in Hargeisa from […]

Tractors defy dangers to ferry people over flooded Shabelle river in Beletweyne

(ERGO) – Tractors that were being mobilized for farm work ahead of the rainy season […]