Mobile money baffles pastoralists in central Somalia

(ERGO) – The collapse of the local shilling is forcing pastoralists from remote parts of […]

Drought stress brings women into livestock market jobs in central Somalia

(ERGO) – Farhiya Mohamed Ali, a single mother of four children, quickly picked up the […]

Job and pay gap between local Somali graduates and diaspora returnees

(ERGO) – Young graduates claim they are being overlooked for the best paid jobs in Somalia […]

Breakdowns common among Somaliland’s destitute pastoralists

(ERGO) – Abdikarim Mohamed Ahmed, 47, has been under medication for four months and is […]

New online SMS platform helps job seekers in Puntland

(ERGO) – A new online recruitment platform with mobile phone alerts is helping job seekers […]

Somali refugees in Kenya ‘go and see’ their old home in Baidoa

(ERGO) – Somali refugee leaders from the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya have been taken […]

Displaced pastoralists in southern Sool region thirsting for water

(ERGO) – Thousands of displaced pastoralist families have been struggling with a severe lack of […]

Villagers in remote part of northern Somalia relying on traditional remedies in measles outbreak

(ERGO)- Fifty one measles patients have been on their sick beds in their homes in Yadagta […]

Evicted IDPs in Galkayo move to new land awaiting housing scheme

Around 380 displaced families, who have been living in IDP camps in Harhaar area, 10 […]

River Shabelle runs dry at Jowhar

The river Shabelle has completely dried up in some parts of Jowhar, leaving a wide […]

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