Hanano One Camp, Baidoa: I got married here and all my children were born here, it is my home

(ERGO) – In our continuing series on life in IDP camps across Somalia, Radio Ergo […]

Aisha’s rapists caught by DNA: can science change Somali justice system?

A court ruling in Somalia this month that relied on DNA evidence to convict three […]

Long awaited rains in northern Somalia’s Burao lead to deaths of weakened goats

(ERGO) – Having waited long for the rains to come, Anab Ibrahim Yusuf was devastated […]

Puntland issues mosquito nets to poor families in malaria season

(ERGO) – Thousands of medicated mosquito nets have been distributed to some of the poorest […]

Somali government’s response to school exams cheating scandal causes controversy among regional states

(ERGO) – The Somali Federal Government’s decision to cancel and repeat national high school exams […]

Somali students in Ethiopia’s Dire Dawa say insecurity is disrupting studies

(ERGO) – Violence in the Ethiopian city of Dire Dawa, where Somali and Oromo communities […]

Sad loss of date harvest for farmers in Sanag village

(ERGO) – Hopes of a good harvest of dates after a year-long wait for farmers […]

Somali pastoralists who lost their livestock find jobs on camel ranches in Lasanod

(ERGO) – Mohamoud Diriye, 25, used to herd his own livestock, but for the time […]

Children struggling to bring up siblings in Jowhar

As part of its ongoing series, Radio Ergo visited a camp for the displaced in […]

Farmers in Garowe count losses as drought ravages their farms 

(ERGO) – Hopes of a good yield to bring a return on his more than […]

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