Maternal deaths in southern Mudug’s Bacaadweyne – 200 km from nearest hospital

Eleven women have died in the last two months due to childbirth complications in Bacaadweyne […]

Women with fistula in Dadaab refugee camps feeling hopeless and abandoned

(ERGO) – Halima Haji (not her real name), a Somali refugee living in Kenya’s Dadaab […]

Drinking water from holes in dry river bed causes diarrhoea deaths in Jowhar

(ERGO) – Three children and two adults have died recently from diarrhoea in the Intersos-run […]

First hospital brings relief to pregnant women and other patients in southern Mudug town

The first hospital ever to open in Banadiiradley, in southern Mudug region, has been seeing […]

HIV/AIDS stigma forces people to hide away in Kismayo

(ERGO) – Ali Daud, 46, has been evicted three times from rented houses in Kismayo, southern […]

Kismayo hospital coping with scores of malnourished children from rural areas

(ERGO) – Kismayo hospital has been inundated with dozens of malnourished children being brought in […]