Boon for Somali fishermen in Kismayu as Kenyan market opens up

(ERGO) – Somali fishermen in the southern port town of Kismayu are celebrating the gains […]

Children drop out of school as families Leave Baidoa IDP Camps to Farm

(ERGO) – Children from internally displaced families in the southwestern Somali town of Baidoa have […]

A gift of goats gives hope to drought-hit pastoralists in Mudug

(ERGO) – Some of the pastoralist families worst affected by the recent devastating drought in […]

Burtinle residents welcome clean piped water in the dry northern Somali town

(ERGO) – After many years of relying on scarce rainwater, residents of Burtinle town in […]

New mobile app links Somaliland farmers to produce buyers and expert advice

(ERGO) – Technical entrepreneurs in Somaliland have launched a new mobile application to enable farmers […]

Pests’ outbreak in southern Somalia wreak havoc on farms

(ERGO) – An invasion of crop pests in southern Somalia’s Bardhere district is threatening to […]

Solar powered irrigation transforming farming in Puntland state

(ERGO) – An irrigation scheme in Puntland is gradually changing the approach to farming after years […]

Somaliland improving food security with new agricultural scheme and silos

(ERGO) – The first harvest of cereals from an agricultural scheme aimed at boosting production […]

Robbed of livestock by drought, locals opt for bee farming in Galgadud

(ERGO) – Displaced former livestock herders in Galgadud, whose livelihoods were destroyed by the 2017 […]

Local NGO embarks on rehabilitation of Shabelle river banks ahead of expected floods

(ERGO) – With the onset of the Deyr rains expected to last through November, humanitarian […]

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