Hundreds of families displaced by clashes in HirShabelle in dire need of help

Keydka Ergo

(ERGO) –  About 1,000 families displaced by clan clashes in Somalia’s Hirshabelle state are facing hunger and lack of access to basic services.

Local officials said the families uprooted from their homes are now camping in Elbaraf town with little humanitarian assistance.

Deadly clan clashes over pasture and water resources erupted on 11 January in several villages along the border of Hiran and Middle Shabelle regions, according to El-Baraf district commissioner, Abdullahi Haji Mohamed.

He told Radio Ergo that the families fled their homes in Gal’adinHiran region, and Qoryaale and Halfaley villages in Middle Shabelle region.

According to the commissioner, 500 families reached Elbaraf town. Another 400 and 200 families respectively fled to Mirtugo and Adley villages.

MaryanAdowMohamud, a mother of three, fled her home in Halfooley village, which lies 55km north of Elbaraf town. After trekking for two days, she arrived in Mirtugo village on 17 January where she is now staying with a relative.

“After four consecutive days of the conflict, I hired a donkey cart to transport my children. I sold 15 goats to get money for transport and at that time the father of my children was away. I arrived in Mirtugo village with 400 other families,” Maryan said.

According to Maryan, her family survives on one meal a day given by the family hosting them.

AbdulleJim’aleAlasow, 61, who fled with 17 members of his family, reached Mirtugoafter fighting flared up in the village on 14 January.

“I walked for one day and a night before arriving on the outskirts of Adley village. I have no food or medicine, yet my children are suffering from diarrhea. We received little from relatives in the area,” said Alasow. “I call upon the government to help us.”

According to local reports, an unknown number of families arrived in Jalalaqsi town and surrounding villages but Radio Ergo’sattempts to seek confirmation from Jalalaqsi district administration were not successful by the time of publishing this report.

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