Clashes over water leave 800 families in crisis in Galgaduud

Barakacayaal xero ku sugan/Keydka Ergo

(Ergo) – Over 800 families displaced by clashes in Galgaduud region in central Somalia are in dire need of humanitarian help as host communities struggle to provide support.

The conflict between armed pastoralists in a remote area along Galgalab-Dhacder road that erupted in mid-November forced the families to flee their homes.

Deqlo chief, Gure Eiynshe, told Radio Ergo the families who are now camping in Galinsoor and Deqlo villages had received only some small handouts from local villagers.

“After they arrived in the area, we assisted them with water but now the reservoirs are drying up. These displaced people are facing acute food shortage, and they are yet to receive proper support,” he said.

“Our capacity to help these families is limited so we call on the aid agencies to help them, as soon as possible.”

Hamdi Abdullahi and her eight children who fled Galgalab village with 60 goats and three camels, have settled in Deqlo, around 10 km from her village.

For the last 11 days she has been surviving on food and water she got from the locals.

She told Radio Ergo the communities in her area were fighting over water resources. She has no clean water to drink and no money to buy water.

“We receive 10 litres of water every day.  This is not enough for a whole family. In my village we used to consume over 100 litres of water but now we have to make do with this little water.”

AbdikadirGeuleh, a father of 10, fled his home this month. He has been surviving on food from the local administration.

“Life is very difficult here. We are facing dire conditions, we neither have enough food nor water and the host community has nothing to offer us. We need urgent support,” he said.

Clashes over pasture and water resources is a perennial problem among nomadic communities in Somalia displacing thousands and also leading to deaths.

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