Hospital in Guriel runs out of medicines

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Qof dhaawac ah oo jiifa isbitaalka Istarlin/Sawir/Kaydka/Abdijamal/Ergo Photo | Road accident injury in Guriel Hospital/File/Photo/Abdijamal/Ergo

31 May, 2013 GALGADUUD


Istarlin Hospital in Guriel, Galgadud region, has run short of essential medicines.  Omar Ali Tarabi, hospital manager, said they were telling patients to buy and bring their own medicines with them for treatment.

“Patients have to come with whatever medications they can get from outside, and we give whatever drugs we can still find available in our stores,” he said. 

The hospital has been struggling since the international medical charity Medecins san Frontieres (MSF) cut off its emergency support to the hospital in January. The local community is trying to fund raise to assist the hospital.

Ahmed Mohamed Noor, a local businessman, said the business community was aiming to raise a total of USD 66,000 for the hospital. They had already raised USD 8,000.  He said they would also be lobbying the government for vital support for the facility. 

Dr. Saleban Mohamed Selah, a hospital official, said there were 52 patients currently admitted to the wards. He called for a sustainable flow of funding to be able to maintain proper medical services and care for the community.




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