Floods displace 650 families in Buhodle

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Photo | Floods in Buhodle/photo/Abdikarim Olol

30 April, 2013 BUUHOODLE


More than 650 families have been displaced from the town of Buhodle and neighbouring villages by heavy floods following heavy rains on Sunday night.

The floods hit the town unexpectedly early on Monday morning, caused by fast-flowing rivers of water gushing into town from the flooded plains of Qoriley Shangale, Maygagle and Kalshale areas on the western side of Buhodle. The floods washed away some 300 houses in Boodhlay neighbourhood west of town.

Around 10 grass-made shelters belonging to poor families and IDPs from other regionswere also destroyed. Aden Mahamoud Noor, an IDP, said the floods also swept away 15 goats. 

West of Buhodle town, overflow from hilly ground flooded the Shangale lowlands, displacing 150 pastoralist families. Swollen streams from the Hagogane valley swept away 70 goats and sheep. 

Radio Ergo’s reporter in Las‘anod said the displaced people moved to areas unaffected by the floods. The floods also hampered transport between Buhodle and neighbouring villages. Hassan Jama Farah, a resident, told Radio Ergo that the last time such flooding occurred was in the Deyr (autumn) rains of 1997.

Abdikarim Abdullahi Olol/MR/AM/LT


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