Dengue fever outbreak in Elwaq

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Photo | Women receive insecticide-treated bed nets/photo/Ahmed Salihi

29 April, 2013 GEDO


District health officials say they are dealing with an outbreak of dengue fever in Elwaq, Gedo region.
Adan Abdi, administrator of the Red Crescent Society’s district medical department, told Radio Ergo more than 70 people had been infected with the mosquito-borne virus. Most of them were living in IDP camps around Elwaq.

Adan Abdi said most of the sick people exhibited clinical signs of being infected by the dengue virus, which produces fever and some general symptoms common to malaria. There are no specific anti-viral drugs to treat dengue.

Adan Kheyr, head of the local mother-and-child health centre, said they had distributed 13,800 insecticide-treated mosquito nets to families across the district over the past two weeks.

Abdi Weli Mohamed, an IDP, said the rains had left pools of stagnant water across the canps, which had become mosquito breeding grounds. Most IDPs did not have mosquito nets.

The mother and child health centre is the only health facility in Elwaq district. When people fall sick they usually have no access to proper health care and buy whatever drugs they can afford from local shops or chemists.

Ahmed Salihi/MR/AM/LT

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