Cross-border goods trucks bogged down by rains in Gedo

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Photo | Trucks bogged down by rains in Bay/file photo/Abdiaziz/Ergo

21 April, 2013 GEDO


More than 80 heavy goods vehicles are stuck in mud in the border area between Gedo and northeastern Kenya.

Heavy rains have made the poor roads impassable. Most roads have not been maintained in more than two decades.

Radio Ergo spoke to some of the truck drivers by phone, who said they have been trapped for more than 15 days in place including Qansahdere and Burdubo in Gedo region; Mido in Awdinle; and between Elwaq and El’ad in Gedo. 

They said their vehicles are loaded with a variety of goods, some of them essential items such as medicines and food supplies, and are destined for locations deep in the interior of Somalia that have no other means of accessing supplies. 

Abdulkadir Jemis, a driver, said his truck was in convoy with goods paid for by business people in Elwaq, El’ad, and Garbaharey. Others were stuck going in the other direction, towards northeastern Kenya. He said the state of the roads made it impossible for them to move.

These hold ups have caused the prices of essential food and other commodities to rise in towns and villages along the Somalia-Kenya- Ethiopia borders. These places are now relying on goods coming down from Mogadishu, an Elwaq businessman, Muqtar Abdi Hassan, told Radio Ergo.


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