Youth training in electronics

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Photo | Hundub in his workshop/Photo/Sidik/Ergo

10 April, 2013 BURAO


Abdullahi Hundub runs a busy electronics repair shop in Burao, fixing radios, televisions and mobile phones. 

He also runs a successful electronics training programme, aiming to give unemployed young people the skills they need to set up their own repair businesses.

Abdullahi Hundub, who is disabled, has 10 years experience. “There are no institutions to learn this skill in Burao or Hargeisa. I learnt what I know by watching repairmen at work,” he told Radio Ergo. “I’m now a trainer, a skills teacher for the youth. Some of the youth I have trained are now running their own repair places in the markets here, in Burao town.”

 Ahmed Adan is one of Hundub’s former students. “I learnt how to repair mobile phones, and for the last three years that’s what I have been doing to earn a living. It is hard to get employment in this country, and this skill helped be in getting my daily bread. I have opened a small work-shop where I do the repair work, it a step forward in my life and key to my livelihood.”

Saalah Kaahin returned home after a tragic attempt at migration in 2006. Three of his friends died in the desert trying to reach Libya. He joined Hundub’s training programme and also manages to earn a living at repairs.
Jama Farah, a Burao elder, said skills training especially in areas of technology would help deter young people from risking their lives trying to escape the country.


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