Somali livestock market prices - update

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Photo | Herders with their livestock at Burao market/file photo/Sidik/Ergo

08 April, 2013 SOMALIA


This time of year, with the onset of the Gu’ rains, livestock markets all over the country receive the least number of animals for sale. The pastoralists are enjoying plentiful milk and meat and have no need to sell their animals. Also, transport is restricted due to the rain and poor state of the roads. The market prices for animals are therefore high.

Radio Ergo gathered prices and reports from dealers at the following markets:
Burao (Somaliland).

Ismail Jaama’ Ahmed, a dealer, told Radio Ergo: “This morning there are very few in the market as the roads are blocked by the rains. The trucks with goats for export could not come in. There are no animals for export sale, only a few for slaughtering.”

Burao, as a major export market, normally quotes prices in US dollars. The prices here are for animals to be slaughtered for meat, as there were none for export today.
Goats and sheep (prices per head):
Grade 1 = $95
Grade 2 = $85
Grade 3 = $80
Galgadud (Central Somalia)

The following prices were given for animals for slaughter for meat:
Goats and sheep
Grade 1= $85
Grade 2= $80

Gedo, Bay and Bakool (South Somalia)
In the southern regions, rains have come to most areas. The market value of livestock available for sale has soared.

Livestock traders and dealers contacted by Radio Ergo in Bardhere, Luq, Dinsoor and Wajid, confirmed that the animals coming to the markets for sale were in great shape and health and were commanding high prices for meat.
Grade 1 = S.Sh 24 million.

(A three-year old male camel was selling for 9-10 million, up from 8 million Somali shillings before the rains.)
Grade 1 = S.Sh 22 million
Grade 2 = S.Sh 20 million
Goats and sheep
Grade 1 = $80
Grade 2 = $75

Luq, and many other markets in border areas, often quote prices in various currencies, including USD, Somali shilling, Ethiopian birr, and Kenya shilling.

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