Puntland insists on Radio Ergo ban

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Photo | Ergo Studio Nairobi/File Photo/Mohamed/Ergo

05 April, 2013 PUNTLAND


The Puntland government says it will not lift a ban on the airing of Radio Ergo, Radio Hirad and Barkulan programmes by Puntland radio stations.

Following a meeting on Thursday between local radio representatives and government officials, an earlier order to close down three radios - Daljir, Voice of Peace and One Nation – was revoked by the Ministry of Information.  These three radios had continued to rebroadcast Radio Ergo, Hirad and Barkulan programming despite a ministry decree ordering them to stop.

However, the Minister of Information, Mohamoud Aided Dirir, was adamant that the ban on the named rebroadcasts would remain.

Burhan Ahmed Dahir, chairman of the National Union of Somalia Press and secretary of the Media Association of Puntland, said the action of the ministry was illegal and had no basis in the constitution nor media laws.
The ban has drawn criticism from international press freedom groups and diplomats.

It is also being much talked about by local people, according to Radio Ergo correspondents in the region, where the radios enjoy strong popularity.  Local people have been expressing their unhappiness with the local administration and in particular demand the return to the airwaves of the Ergo humanitarian broadcasts.

Ahmed Somali/MH/AM

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