"Get out" order for Bosasso displaced families

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Photo | Mother and child in Buulo Eelay IDP camp/photo/Ahmed/Ergo

04 April, 2013 BOOSAASO


Internally displaced persons in Buulo Eelay camp, 6 km east of Bosasso town, say they are uncertain of their future after being given notice to leave the land they are currently living on.
Buulo Eelay is one of the biggest camps in Bari region. It opened just after the outbreak of the civil war and has been populated by internal refugees from other regions across the country fleeing conflict, drought and famine.

Mahamoud Ugaas, of Puntland’s internal affairs ministry, said the camp accommodates around 11,000 families. UNHCR estimates the entire IDP population in Bari at 49,000 people.

Some IDPs from Buulo Eelay have already left the camp since the threat of eviction emerged. They have mostly gone to one of the 25 small IDP centres found on the eastern side of Bosasso.
But for the bulk of the camp residents, the future looks bleak as they have few options and do not know where they will be allowed to settle. IDP representatives told Radio Ergo they would like help from the local authorities and aid agencies in finding a long term solution.

However, Abdinoor Galleyr, an MP in Bosasso local assembly, revealed that there was an agreement between the landowners and the local government stipulating that the IDPs be allowed to remain on the land at Buulo Eelay for another five years.

Buulo Eelay camp and other camps were originally opened after a joint effort in the past by the local government and agencies to remove a burgeoning IDP population from the urban centre of Bosasso. 

Ahmed Soomaali/ MG/FM/AM


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