Children killed in flash floods in Hiraan region

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Photo | Children swimming in Shabelle river at Beletweyne/Abdulahi/Ergo

02 April, 2013 BELETWEYNE


 Two children were killed in flash floods in Bur-Daar locality, 38 KM south of Beletweyne, as heavy rains pounded many parts of Hiraan region on 27 March.

The two boys were brothers, aged 9 and 11, from a pastoralist family. Their father Ibrahim Mohamed said his sons were looking after the family’s goats near Arabow valley, and were killed by flash floods in a downpour that lasted for some eight hours. When the rain stopped, their mother went to look for them and discovered they were missing.
Two children died in floods after last year’s gu’ (spring) rains in the same valley.

Heavy downpours with strong winds have also hit Ceel-weyne, Bahaley, Godob yar and Ceel-Qaanso, in the western part of Burtinle region. Libaan Mohamed Hirsi, Commissioner of Burtinle district, said more than 23 families had been left homeless and 300 heads of livestock had been killed in the destructive storms. 
The Commissioner said the authorities were organizing assistance for the victims whose houses had been destroyed and who had lost their livestock.  Members of the local community had donated shelter items, food and blankets. 
Cabdiraxmaan Xaaji/MG


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