Refugees clean up Camp Aws ahead of expected rains

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Photo | Camp Ows in Dadaab/Photo/Lafole/Ergo

01 April, 2013 DADAAB


Residents of camp Aws have been cleaning up rubbish before the seasonal rains come to Dadaab, north-eastern Kenya.

Various community groups and individuals have been participating in the campaign. Equipped with basic tools and collection receptacles, the teams have cleaned out drains and water run-off channels, and removed piles of garbage from roadsides, market areas, water points, residential areas and other places where people meet.

The UNHCR says there are 18, 352 people living in Aws, which is the fastest growing section of the sprawling Dadaab refugee camp complex.

The campaign team has also been conducting educational awareness on good sanitation and children well-being. Abshiro Muqtaar Ismaa’iil, said the campaign aimed at preventing outbreaks of disease.

“We have been going door to door in groups of two, teaching each household the importance of making sure they have clean water, clean food and clean living spaces, with sanitary surroundings, to promote the health and wellbeing of their own family and the wider community,” said Abshiro.

The organizers have set up a hygiene and sanitation committee to make follow up visits to families and monitor standards of hygiene. The campaign has been supported by local and international organizations, including FAIDA and CRS.

Abdinoor Hareed, head of sanitation program of FAIDA, said there had been a noticeable decrease in sanitation-related diseases.  Prizes have been awarded to families who have kept their homes clean, to motivate others to follow suit. The campaign has proven popular among camp residents.

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