IDPs leaving Galkayo for homes in central and southern regions

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Photo | Woman and children waiting for transport in Beledweyne/Photo/Abdullahi/Ergo

01 April, 2013 GALKAIO


Large numbers of displaced families in Galkayo are packing up to return to their homes in central and southern regions.

Groups of people with their belongings and luggage are to be seen congregating at public transport stops waiting for vehicles heading south.

Galkayo, in Mudug region, has received large influxes of internal migrants, displaced by conflicts, drought and famine. The city and its environs host 21 IDP camps with an estimated population (at its height) of 35,000, according to Dahabo Mohamed Barre, an official with Galkayo’s local authority.
Radio Ergo’s reporter met many people waiting for transport heading south.  One traveller, Sugule Mohamed Abkey, said:

“I came here in 2006 from Waberi in Mogadishu city, and now I am going back there, after peace has returned.”

Khadiija Ahmed, who fled her home in Buulo Ba’aley, Afgooye, 10 years ago, was interviewed while waiting for transport with her three children and laden with the family luggage. “Now the conflict is over in the place where I come from so I’m going back there, back to Afgooye, my home! I’m going back to my farm and my farming work,” she told Radio Ergo.

Maryam Qaasim , chairperson of Mustaqbal IDP Camp to the north of  Galkayo town, said more than 40 families had registered for support for relocation back to their homes in Afgooye, Jowhar, and Bayda’o, among other places. Their names have been forwarded to organizations providing IDP relocation support, including  UNHCR, DRC and INTERSOS. Many other families able to make their own arrangement had already left, Maryam said.


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