Desperate for water in Hudur

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Ceelka Garasweyne oo biyo laga dhaansanayo/Xusni/Ergo Photo | Waiting for water in Garasweyne, Bakool region/Ergo/Xusni

Cabdiraxmaan Taysiir 21 January, 2016 BAKOOL


(ERGO) – On the northern outskirts of Hudur town, on a wide open sun scorched plain, an estimated 350 people are gathered desperately waiting to get water.

Some of them walked for hours to Hudur, while others have already been waiting here for days in long queues to draw water from the boreholes. The small amount they can fetch they will carry home long distances to their families in remote villages in the district.

Yusuf Ma’allin Mohamed left his family thirsty and dehydrated in Garasweyne Village, 50 kms away from Hudur three days ago. “I am here at this well for the second day now and the queue is too long,” Yusuf told Radio Ergo. He said he was worried about being able to get back to his family with water before it was too late for them.

Mohamud Hussein Ma’allin had also been waiting several days for water. He told Radio Ergo he was very anxious as he had left his family and livestock with no water at all. He came from Osbo-eelo Village, 30 kms from Hudur, with his donkey so that he could fetch water

The Deputy Regional Commissioner for Bakool, Deeq Mohamed Iftiin, told Radio Ergo there was a water shortage affecting much of the region following inadequate rain.

Most wells and some 15 water dams in Mooragaabey, Abal, Teed, Baabaweyne and Quracjoome villages as well as in parts of Eel-barde district had dried up.

“People in those villages don’t have any water. They are forced to come and fetch water all the way from Hudur which is the nearest place they can find water,” Deeq said.

The deputy commissioner said there was a need for water trucking to be started to the most severely affected parts of the region to avoid the displacement of people living in those villages where there was no water.

Most of the people affected by the water shortage in Bakool are pastoralists. It is now the dry season in Somalia.

Radio Ergo reported recently that 175 farming and pastoralist families had left Bakool and arrived at five IDP camps in Luq, Gedo region, over the past three weeks due to water and food shortages.


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