Garowe IDPs given land by local community

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Haween ka tirsan dadka soo barakacay ee la deegaameynayo/Cabdiraxmaan Xaaji/Ergo Photo | IDPs in Garowe/Cabdiraxmaan Xaaji/Ergo

Mohamed Shariff 11 January, 2016 GAROWE


A plot of land has been donated by members of the local community in Garowe for the permanent settlement of 2,200 internally displaced families.

The one square kilometre plot, six kms east of the town, was handed over last week to the IDPs from Jowle camp.

The initiative is part of the Xalka Waara or Durable Solutions programme involving the government and aid agencies.  Houses are to be constructed on the plot for each IDP family.

The Deputy Interior Minister of Puntland, Abdullahi Hashi, told Radio Ergo that the government would give priority to large families and those most in need.

“The aim of the project is to enable these people to get houses of their own which are located in a place where water, electricity, education and healthcare services are available,” he said.

Isman Abukar, camp leader of Jowle 2 IDP camp, was among the IDP representatives who received the title deeds for the land. He told Radio Ergo he expected each family would get houses with two rooms or more. He hoped the aid agencies would speed up the construction work.

The IDP families in Garowe mostly came from South-Central Somalia in the past five years. They have been living in small flimsy makeshift houses made of iron sheets and other materials. The overcrowded camps suffer poor sanitation, have few latrines, and inadequate water supplies.

A committee of international aid organizations has already implemented IDP housing projects in Puntland. In 2013, 600 IDP families were settled on a plot of land six km outside the town.  These families are now said to be integrated into the local community of Garowe.

Overall in Puntland, more than 10,000 IDP families have been resettled in Galkayo, Burtinle, Qardho, Bossaso and Garowe in the past two years.

The Interior Ministry said the plans are to settle all the displaced persons who opt to be integrated into the local communities on their own plots of land.

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