Food shortages in eastern parts of Puntland

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Sawir hore: Suuqa Beledweyne /Cabdullaahi Salaad/Ergo Photo | Food market/file/Cabdullaahi Salaad/Ergo

Cabdiraxmaan Taysiir 10 January, 2016 BARI


Food prices have risen drastically in eastern parts of Bari region following heavy rains that wiped out farms and cut off supply routes in Bareedo, Seynweyn, Tooxin and Seynyar areas of Alula District.

A kilo of rice has risen from 15,000 to 100,000 Somali shillings (roughly four and a half dollars), and a kilo of sugar from 15,000 to 110,000 Somali shillings (roughly five dollars), according to Mohamud Ali, a resident of Bareedo.

Ismail Gurey, a father of eight in Seynweyn Village, is among around 2,000 families affected by the food shortages.  He told Radio Ergo that is a farmer left destitute by the torrential rains and floods, and with little money left to buy food.

The heavy rains cut off Lafo-goray Road, the only route used by vehicles bringing supplies from Bossaso. At the same time, the sea is currently too rough for boats to ferry goods in. The last time merchandise was brought in was in late September 2015.

The population of this part of Alula is comprised of nomadic pastoralists, farmers and fishermen. All are now being faced by a harsh humanitarian situation.

“There is nowhere for people to buy goods even if they have money,” Abdulkadir Yusuf Mohamed, the Deputy Gardafuu Regional Commissioner told Radio Ergo.

He said the only way food could be delivered was by air. While the government of Puntland had not yet delivered any aid to the area, the commissioner said the Interior Ministry had discussed several times with aid agencies operating in the region to see how the affected people could be assisted.



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