No shelter for displaced Shabelle farmers

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Haweenay ka mid ah beeraleyda soo barakacay oo aqal ka dhisaneysa Saddex-buurood /Maxamed Cabdi Xasan/Ergo Photo | Haweenay ka mid ah beeraleyda soo barakacay oo aqal ka dhisaneysa Saddex-buurood /Maxamed Cabdi Xasan/Ergo

27 November, 2015 SHABELLADA HOOSE


Up to 1,400 farming families displaced from their homes by floods along the River Shabelle have moved to IDP camps on the outskirts of Mogadishu and Afgoye, where most are faced with a lack of shelter.

Chairman of the IDP camps near Mogadishu, Mohamed Abdirahman, told Radio Ergo they had settled the newcomers into four camps at Arbiska, Lafole, Elasha Biyaha and Saddeh-Buurood, but they had no means of providing them with shelter.

“They spend the nights out in the cold together with their children because we have nothing to offer them,” he said, asking the government and aid agencies to assist

Humero Haji Ali,a mother of nine, moved to  Arbiska camp 25 km from Mogadishu along with  800 families who were displaced from their homes in Qoryoley district. All her crops including sesame and tomatoes on her 12 hectare farm were destroyed by floods.

“We have been spending the night with IDPs in their makeshift houses since Thursday when we came here. We live in squalid conditions and it’s hard to cope with it,” she said.

Humero said her children were in a free school for orphans in Qoryoley where they received secular and Islamic classes. She used to fend for her family with proceeds from the farm.  Now the children were out  of school.

“I seek casual jobs in the local farms of Afgoye where I do ploughing. I am given food rations in exchange which I bring back home and cook for my children,” she said.

 Halima Abdullahi, a mother of 10, was displaced from her home in Beledul-Amin 14 km from Afgoye to Saddeh-Buurood IDP camp, 10 km from the town.

“I fled because of lack of food and water,” said Halima.  “Even here we have nothing to eat. Me and my children did not have any breakfast today. When I could no longer watch my children crying from hunger I told them to go and seek help from neighbours.”

She said they had no bedding and were sleeping on the ground.

Halima Mohamed Abdi lost 10 hectares in Jannale town and is camping with her children in Saddeh-buurood IDP camp. She told Radio Ergo they were also sleeping outside at night and had no shelter during the day.  As it was still raining, this made their lives extremely difficult.


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