Eight children die of diarrhoea in Badade

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Sawir/kaydka/Ergo Photo | Sawir/kaydka/Ergo

14 January, 2015 BADHAADHE


A medical officer has reported the deaths of eight children from acute watery diarrhoea, while scores of others are infected in villages in Badade district in Lower Juba.

Dr Abdifatah Omar, at the hospital in Badade, said five of the children who died came from villages in Badade while three were from Kamboni village.

More than 150 sick people were brought to Badade health centre for treatment from Kulbiyow, Kamboni and Burgabo.

The doctor said the patients were mostly children and had trekked from far off villages. Most were in poor condition on arrival.

Fardowsa Mohamed Jama, a mother of eight, said her child experienced symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting but she had thought it was malaria.

“My neighbours informed me that my child was suffering from malaria, so I bought anti-malaria tablets from a pharmacy in the area and gave it to her, but it didn’t help. I later gave her traditional herbal medicine and her health situation worsened. When I brought her here they told me she was suffering from diarrhoea,” she said.

Dr Abdifatah urged the local community to keep good hygiene to avoid infection.  He also urged people to report to the nearest health centres immediately with  symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting.

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