Hargeisa residents choosing locally grown food

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Sawir/kaydka/Ergo Photo | Sawir/kaydka/Ergo

05 December, 2014 WAQOOYIGALBEED


The sale and consumption of locally grown food is on the increase in Hargeisa, according to Radio Ergo’s local reporter.

Ibrahim Yussuf Gafun, the owner of a popular local restaurant, specializes in serving local food, which he says is drawing more customers.  

“Previously my restaurant used to serve imported rice and pasta; now I have learnt that locally produced food products are cheaper and have more nutritional advantages than imported food products.  So I started to serve local food like maize, sorghum and beans, with local milk and sesame oil,” Gafun said.

A plate of maize or sorghum is sold at 3,000 Somaliland shillings, while a plate of imported rice or pasta goes at 7,000 shillings.

Medical officers also recommend the health benefits of eating fresh local produce, especially as problem of constipation and haemorrhoids are commonly reported by patients.

“Locally produced foods are richer in nutrients than imported ones, but people have not yet fully grasped that. Food like maize and sorghum are good sources of fibre,” Dr Said Sheikh Mohamed said.

Dr Said advised that consumption of large quantities of imported starchy foods, mainly refined white flour and white rice, contributed to the high rates of poor nutrition.

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