Poor rains worry farmers in Bay

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Haweeney beerteeda falaneysa/Sawir/Muxyadiin Xasan Photo | Haweeney beerteeda falaneysa/Sawir/Muxyadiin Xasan

19 December, 2013 BAY


Farmers in Bay region say they have not had adequate rain to produce enough food, despite the good rainfall in many other parts of Somalia.

 Lul Osman, a woman farmer in Goyale village, 7 km from Baidoa, said the poor rain could mean another bad harvest next year. Most of the farmers in the area have just returned after fleeing because of the 2011-2012 drought and famine.

“We are getting anxious because we didn’t receive enough rain, and we are afraid of another round of drought and famine,” Osman told Radio Ergo’s local reporter.

Another farmer, Maalim Ali Ahmed, said the farmers planted maize, beans, sesame and other vegetables. But the farmlands were not adequately irrigated after successive years of poor rains.

“Our life depends on the food we harvest from our farms. Poor rain means poor harvest and we are very fearful of another bad drought,” Ahmed told Radio Ergo.

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