Hundreds flee fighting in K50

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Sawir kaydka/Khadar/Ergo Photo | File Photo/Kadar/Ergo

21 November, 2013 SHABELLADA HOOSE


Hundreds of families have fled their homes in the K50 area, in the outskirts of Mogadishu, because of fighting that has taken place there over the last week.  Most of the families were reported to have fled to the coastal village of Dhanane in Lower Shabelle region.

“Their houses were looted and they fled for their lives to the rural areas here between Dhanane and Dehda. Several families also fled to Jazira,” said Abdullahi Ali, a resident of Dhanane. He said these families were now in a vulnerable situation as they have no shelter and not enough food nor clean water. “They could die of thirst,” he said.

Another Dhanane resident, Mohamed Said Moalim, said his home village which is 20 km away from K50, was now crowded with displaced families. Some of them, including children and elderly people, had walked for several hours to reach this safe village.

”There are 300 displaced families in our village and they are about to outnumber the residents,” Moalim told Radio Ergo’s local reporter.

Some of those who fled the conflict went to Salibi village, near K50. Among them is Maryam Idey Moalim, who told Radio Ergo’s local reporter that several of her children got separated from her when they were on the run and she had not yet been able to find them.

Most are afraid to return to their homes because of the possibility the fighting might erupt again, as the situation remains volatile

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