Shabelle floods cause hundreds to flee homes

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webi Shabeele ayaa degaano badan gooyey wadooyinka/Sawir/kaydka/Maryan Photo | webi Shabeele ayaa degaano badan gooyey wadooyinka/Sawir/kaydka/Maryan

07 November, 2013 SHABELLADA HOOSE


River floods in Lower Shabelle have forced thousands of residents to flee their houses in more than four districts over the past week. 

The worst affected districts are Afgoye, Awdhigle, Janaale and Qoryooley, together with several other villages still under water, according to local residents.

In Afgoye, more than 700 families were forced to abandon their houses as the flood waters poured in.

The residents of more than 21 other villages in Afgoye have also fled, according to the district chairman, Abdullahi Abdi Ahmed.

He said the villages where residents have moved from include Bardale, Ballow, Banbalul, Areymog, Galdub, Irdole, Balbaley, Shukulow and others situated on the edges of the river.

Most of the residents have taken temporary shelter in the safer parts of their districts, while others moved to relatives or friends’ homes, where the floods have not reached.

The local administration’s humanitarian affairs officer, Abdullahi Mohamud Magan, told Radio Ergo’s local reporter that the flood water is as deep as two metres deep on the ground and moving very fast.

The river banks overflowed and washed away large areas of cultivated farmland in Afgoye, Awdhigle, Janale and several other villages.

“The floods have swept away the fruits and other crops I have cultivated at a time I was expecting to sell them in the market,” Ahmed Mohamed, a local farmer in Awdhigle, told Radio Ergo.

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