Rains wash away IDP shelters in Baidoa

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Qaar ka mid ah barakacayaasha ADC/Sawir/Muxiyadin/Ergo Photo | Qaar ka mid ah barakacayaasha ADC/Sawir/Muxiyadin/Ergo

17 October, 2013 BAY


Heavy rains have left dozens of displaced families without shelters after washing away their makeshift houses in Baidoa, capital of bay region.

One of the camps affected by the rains was ADC camp, where at least 10 shelters were destroyed.

“The rains have washed away my house and we have been sitting the way we are now for more than 24 hours,” Batulo Abdi told Radio Ergo’s local reporter. She said she was trying to build a temporary makeshift, but was unable to find any tent material or waterproofing to wrap her new shelter.

Nadifo Ibrahim Ishaq, a pregnant mother, also lost her house. “My children and I found that we were surrounded by the floods and as we were about to drown, I shouted for help and then our neighbours came to save us,” Ishaq told Radio Ergo.

She and her children are now living with the neighbours. She said the cold was making people sick.

Ibrahim Hassan, the camp’s chief, said the IDPs in the camp had not received any aid recently.

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