Jowhar youth sweat and toil to stop river floods

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Dhallinyaro iska moosaya biyaha webiga/Keydka sawir/Maryan Sheekh Cabdi Photo | Dhallinyaro iska moosaya biyaha webiga/Keydka sawir/Maryan Sheekh Cabdi

19 September, 2013 JAWHAR


Young men in Middle Shabelle's regional capital Jowhar have been volunteering their labour to build barriers to prevent further flooding from the Shabelle river.

Hundreds of families have already had to flee their homes near the Shabelle River and have also seen their planted fields and crops washed away.

Youth groups have been shoring up the banks with soil and logs in a bid to prevent further damage.

They have not been asking for any money for their work, Radio Ergo's local reporter said.

Jowhar's worst affected area is Hanti-wadaag, where an estimated 200 people have had to leave their homes and shift to other parts of town.

But many of those remaining have taken action into their own hands.

"This is my home, and our property and money are all here! We can't leave all our belongings behind, so we decided to build barriers to keep the water back," said one of the young men participating in the group efforts.

The efforts of the youth have earned the praise of the regional governor, AbdiJinow Alasow.

"It is not good to depend on foreigners always. We should do what we are capable of doing to save our region," Alasow told the youth in Jowhar.

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