Demining started in Balanballe

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Hub lasoo bandhigayo/ keyd/sawir/ Maxamuud Cabdi Photo | Hub lasoo bandhigayo/ keyd/sawir/ Maxamuud Cabdi

22 July, 2013 GALGADUUD


The administration of Balanballe district in Galgadud region has begun a major demining exercise in collaboration with the Danish Demining Group.

The demining started on 19 July and will continue until at least the end of the month. The aim is to remove mines and other explosive remnants along the extensive border area that was a battle ground during the Somalia-Ethiopia war in 1977.

Thirty five trained Somali demining officers have been deployed to the area. 

Balanballe district spokesman Rijal Ahmed told Radio Ergo that demining would focus on Balanballe, Ballihowd, Odale and Jiile.  He said the roads connecting the district to other parts of the region especially to Guriel and Dusamareb districts had been heavily and indiscriminately mined.

“We do not know the number of explosive devices planted in this area and there are no markings to following to find them except in a very few places,” he said.

There have been numerous injuries and deaths of people and livestock caused by these remnants of war over the past 35 years.  Three years ago, three children were killed while playing with an explosive device they had found in the soil.

Mahamud Abdi Dirshe/MR


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